Cut Flower Mimimum Guidelines & Standards From AFIF

The flower industry has exploded into growing regions all over the world. So,
there is now a significant need to provide a base level for the industry to
compare products for growers, shippers, sellers and buyers.

Washington Cherry Trees Expected To Bloom On Schedule

Those famous pink and white flowers in Washington are expected to
bloom on schedule on trees around the nation’s capital as soon as the end of
March, the National Park Service predicted last week.

Louisiana Florist Licensing And The Right To Work

Licensing everything from florists to lawyers interferes with the freedom to
make a living and harms consumers by limiting competition and protecting
established firms. The people of Louisiana must sleep soundly knowing that their state protects
them from … unlicensed florists.

California Cut Flower Commission Unveils ‘GrowTube’

The desire for people to know where their products are grown and by who, is no more
evident then USDAs Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food campaign. After our
recent annual meetings, CCFC staff was alerted to this USDA campaign. What about
flowers, you ask? We did too. GrowTube is going to be a great organic opportunity for our flower growers to share who you are, where you grow, what you grow and what makes your operation unique.

Victoria, BC Flower Count Smashes Record

At a record 21 billion blooms, this year’s Victoria Flower Count recorded enough
blossoms in the Capital Region to give a bouquet of more than 650 flowers to
every man, woman and child in Canada.