Onlineflowers Offers Simple and Easy International Flower Delivery

March 26, 2010 OnlineFlowers

OnlineFlowers intends to help people in the United States to connect with their
loved ones across the globe through international flower delivery.

Jewel Orchid: Gem Of A Houseplant

Jewel Orchids are so called because of their foliage, which glistens like jewels
and comes in a variety of colors. They dont belong to any one genus of orchids;
theyre part of a group of orchids classified by their leaves, which are valued
more than their flowers.

Elegance Blooms At San Francisco Orchid Society Gala

The San Francisco Orchid Society Gala lured about 1,500 enthusiasts from
their gardens and greenhouses to Fort Mason Center for the recent gala opening
of the annual Orchid Exposition.

May We Introduce The Top 20 Floral Designers In The World

March 25, 2010 Dutch Creations

The participating designers have already proven their excellent skills in
their home country and maybe even abroad, but becoming the Interflora World Cup
Competition champion will be their new challenge. American J. Keith White is facing some stiff competition.

California Cut Flower Commission Passes Continuation Referendum

The California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) recently passed
its mandatory referendum with a majority of its qualified flower farms voting in
favor of the Commission’s continuation. This favorable passing of the referendum
means the Commission will continue its service to California Cut Flower farmers
for the next five years.