Out With The Poinsettia, In With The Winter Blooming Cyclamen

The cyclamen offers a dazzling cold weather flower option for your home after the holiday poinsettias have enjoyed their run.

The State Of Florists 2009

The recession stimulated more consumers to search for better value, and many of them found it at supermarkets and on the Internet.

Special Update: Andean Trade Preference and Drug Eradication Act

Importers of record will not have to pay duties in January on flowers coming
into the country from the three Andean nations of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Sakata Ornamentals Announces New Approach To Marketing Trials

Sakata, breeder of innovative ornamentals, will not take part in the 2010 California (USA) Spring Trials (formerly known as California Pack Trials), instead focusing on multiple events across the Trans-Atlantic market.

Flowers: Hostess Gifts With Style

A bottle of wine or box of chocolate are traditional hostess gifts, but you do have other options, and fresh flowers should be considered.