Irish Supermarkets Trial Scratch-And-Sniff Labels On Flowers

A supermarket will trial scratch-and-sniff labels on its flowers to give shoppers a whiff of what’s to come.

Question On Hawaiian Flamingo Flower

Native to tropical American rain forests, these exotic-looking plants have dark green, sometimes very shiny, leaves with heart-shaped flower bracts (deep red, rose, salmon, white) and a yellowish/whitish callalike flower spike protruding from the bract. The flowers, some of which shine as if lacquered, may last six weeks on a plant, and last up to 4 weeks in a vase

New Law Removes Thorn From Side Of MN Florists

For years, florists have grumbled that a good portion of their hard-earned profits are going to “floral gatherers” and “call centers” that advertise in printed directories such as the Yellow Pages or White Pages as local shops but in fact aren’t.

Flore, LLC Fine Flowers In Southbury, CT Offers DIY Wedding Flower Services

Lori Friedlander, owner of Flore, LLC Fine Flowers in Southbury, Connecticut, has announced a program to assist brides who want to create their own wedding flower arrangements. Our program is specifically designed to assist brides who enjoy arranging flowers, have plenty of help and time before their wedding date, are on a budget, and want to feel involved with the creation of every aspect of their wedding.

New Rose: The White Naomi!

May 17, 2010 Schreurs

Schreurs, in conjunction with Mermin Roses have the pleasure of introducing the new large-flowered white rose – White Naomi!. The new white rose is characterized by a large and full flower, a long and sturdy stem, displays a long vase life and has an amazing subtle fragrance.