Hydrangea Heaven

Sidi Limehouse has collected hydrangeas since digging up some from his grandmother’s yard 20 years ago. In two decades, he has collected more than 3,000 plants. He hesitates when asked to choose a favorite, simply saying that he likes them all.

California Nursery Industry Hit Hard By Recession, Drought, Housing Slump

The California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC) announced today that combined impacts of the homebuilding collapse, recession, drought, and other factors hit hard in 2008-2009 to reduce annual farm-gate sales of nursery products by California nurseries by $688,000,000 to $3.3 billion compared to $4.0 billion in 2007-2008, down 17.5%, according to Hoy Carman, an agricultural economist at University of CaliforniaDavis.

2009 Wholesale Value Of Floriculture Crops Decreased 7%

June 7, 2010 USDA

The 2009 wholesale value of floriculture crops is down 7 percent from the revised 2008 valuation. The total crop value at wholesale for the 15-state program for all growers with $10,000 or more in sales is estimated at $3.83 billion for 2009, compared with $4.11 billion for 2008.

Bountiful Gardens, A Nursery Popular With The Pros, Opens To The Public By Appointment

Bountiful Gardens, anchored by two commercial-size greenhouses with peeling paint and missing windows, operates primarily as a wholesale supplier for Burkard Nurseries and Lincoln Avenue Nursery in Pasadena. But they’ve also started selling retail by appointment to a growing number of in-the-know landscape professionals and home gardeners.

Iberiada Colombia 2010 Set To Be A Spectacle!

The Iberiada also known as the 17th Latin American Congress of Florists particularly aims to demonstrate the talent and passion of the local participants in the floral trade, with special showcases by the international students as well as the professors of the Latin American School of Floral Art (EIAF), which also hosts the event.