Poinsettia Is Top-Selling Potted Plant

December 7, 2009 Rodd Moesel, The Oklahoman

Rapid popularity growth has led Poinsettias to become the top-selling potted plant in America. Consumers shoudl follow these simple tips to keep their seasonal flowers in peak condition.

California Flower Growers Wage Buy Local Campaign

Cheaper imports have shrunk the U.S. share of the cut-flower market. To fight back, an industry group is touting advantages of buying blooms from the Golden State.

Let Holiday Thanks Bloom For Unsung Heroes

December 2, 2009 Society of American Florists

Holidays are just the right time to thank those unsung heroes who help make our lives better every day. Author M.J. Ryan suggests flowers as an easy, yet meaningful way to show thanks to those unsung heroes during the holidays.

AIFD Approves Four Floral Schools

December 1, 2009 Ellen C. Wells, Green Profit

The American Institute of Floral Designers has approved four private floral design schools to be Education Pathway providers for the new Certified Floral Designer (CFD) program.

Decorative Packaging Enhances Quality And Vase Life Of Amaryllis

New Wave Amaryllis is a joint venture involving four Amaryllis growers has developed a packaging concept that protects the flowers and is constructed in a way that allows the flowers to be moved directly from the packaging to the vase.