Professor Does The Tangerine Tango With New Plant

Prof. Mark Bridgen, horticulture, has developed and patented a new species of alstroemeria called “Tangerine Tango” at Cornell’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center.

What Boomer Women Want

If your target market is baby boomer women, you’ll need to operate quite differently from the current practices of most retailers.

Amaryllis Flowers Brighten Winter

This is the time of year that if you live in a cold climate, you’re longing for
some color (besides brown and white). This tropical Americas native grows from a huge bulb (many are about the size of a mango) and has a stalk and flower to match.

Mrs. Bloom’s Debuts Friday Flower Program

January 28, 2010 Mrs. Bloom's Direct

Mrs. Bloom’s Direct, an importer of fresh-cut flowers and the only company offering a national fresh-cut flower fundraising program that delivers beautiful blooms directly from growers, launched their Friday Flowers program.

SAF Responds To Harmful Valentine’s Day Publicity

January 27, 2010 Society of American Florists

Valentine’s Day flower-bashing by makers of competing gift products is already underway. SAF responded to three this week.