Valentine’s Day Falls On A Sunday, Shakes Up Spending

February 2, 2010 Mike Duff,

Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year could contribute to a sales drop for traditional gifts such as flowers.

Floralife Appoints New General Manager

Floralife has announced that Alan Tanouye has recently joined as general manager of the company’s North American operations.

Gift Retailer Harry & David Promoting Roses This Valentine’s

February 1, 2010 Harry & David

Harry & Davids is hoping to sweep loved ones off their feet with the Classic Valentine Rose Bouquet.

Pebble Tray Can Provide Orchid With Enough Humidity

There is no one specific reason why flower buds are shed virtually any cultural fault can be responsible. The most common cause is low humidity levels. To raise relative humidity, locate your plant away from a source of hot, dry air, and place the plant on a pebble tray.

Valentine’s Day War Of The Roses

Getting a good deal on flowers this Valentine’s Day requires that you not linger too long when you stop to smell the roses. If florists must compete for last-minute supply, consumers who procrastinate on ordering could face heftier-than-normal premiums.