Pebble Tray Can Provide Orchid With Enough Humidity

There is no one specific reason why flower buds are shed virtually any cultural fault can be responsible. The most common cause is low humidity levels. To raise relative humidity, locate your plant away from a source of hot, dry air, and place the plant on a pebble tray.

The Orchid’s Undeserved Diva Reputation

With orchids popping up at practically every turn, we couldn’t help wondering if we had been too hasty in dismissing this perpetual prom queen as too fussy, too high maintenance – too much trouble for our busy modern lives.

FloraQueen Launches Custom Bouquet Program

January 29, 2010 FloraQueen

Thanks to FloraQueen, which is the first European company offering this system, now it will be possible to order tailor-made flowers through the web ( The revolutionary system will be launched with the St. Valentine’s Campaign.

Flowers Should Look Like They Belong

Blossom Crown a bendable, reusable and decorative wire grid serves as a guide to strategic stem placement.

PayPal & Bill Me Later Offer Valentine’s Gift Help

January 29, 2010 PayPal

To help cash-strapped couples, PayPal and Bill Me Later today announced great deals and special offers on Valentines Day gifts for couples and singles