WF&FSA Takes New Approach With 2010 Industry Conference

The industry asked for it, and the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association responded with its new Industry Conference, featuring a new city, new time of the year, new schedule and new affordable fee structure.

Worlds First Truly Blue Roses Go On Display In Japan

How soon will the first genetically engineered blue rose come to North American supermarkets?

All Souls Day Floral Decorations More Popular Each Year

Demand will rise for Marigolds, which are used extensively in the decorating of altars during this centuries-old commemoration is celebrated throughout the world with flowers, friends and food.

7th China Flower Expo Kicked Off In Beijing

October 2, 2009 Staff Reporter, China Daily

The China Flower Expo enjoys its 7th year this year and features over 1,300 flower producers and dealers participating in this annual flower fair showcasing the development of China’s flower industry.

The Challenges Of Being In The Imported Floral Business

October 2, 2009 Staff Reporter,

In this Q & A, Christine Boldt, Executive Vice President of The Association of Floral Importers of Florida, discusses many of the latest issues relevant to the fresh flower trade.