Affordable Facelifts: Retail Experts Share Ways To Refresh Image

Despite the current economy there are several low-cost, or even no-cost, ways to change your shops image and make it more inviting to customers.

Moth Orchids Now Easy, Affordable

Once an exotic luxury, moth orchids now are a staple at supermarkets throughout the country, and by some accounts are taking the place of cut flowers.

MidAmerica To Add Second Flight Of Fresh Flowers By End Of Year

In an effort to build traffic and revenue, MidAmerica plans to add its second weekly flight of fresh flowers from Bogot, Colombia by the end of the year.

Halloween Staging: Tricks For Making Window And In-Store Displays A Treat

Here you’ll find a few simple tips on how to make your store’s Halloween displays spook-tacular this season!

Want To Prompt Purchase And Preference For California Grown Flowers?

The unveiled set includes a strip of five perforated Hint Cards with information about what makes California Grown Flowers so special. Use them to create a fun way for your customers to let that certain someone know they’d like more flowers in their life.