St. Patrick’s Day Cooking: Save A Pint For Kitchen

Traditional St. Paddy’s Day favorites, like Irish stout and corned beef and
cabbage, can be combined to make a delicious dish even better. Because beer
pairs so well with beef, it’s only natural to cook with beer.

Don’t Forget Pork Tenderloins

One of the most overlooked meats available on the market today is pork
tenderloin. Pork tenderloin is the pork equivalent of beef tenderloin, but is
available at a fraction of the price. Pork tenderloin is not to be confused with
pork loin, which is entirely different.

Food Inflation Is Here, Mixed Numbers For Proteins

JPMorgan analyst Charles Grom offers some insight into the world of grocery
stores and food pricing. The central theme: price increases across the board, protein and dairy pricing remains mixed.

BUBBA Burger Acquires New Plant To Meet Growing National Demand

March 2, 2010 BUBBA Foods, LLC

Bubba Foods, LLC has entered into an agreement to
purchase the Armour- Eckrich production plant located in Hastings, Nebraska.
Bubba Foods produces and sells the BUBBA burger a premium frozen burger made from
100% USDA Choice Chucks.

IMI Global Launches “Where Food Comes From” Program

Integrated Management Information, Inc. a leading provider of verification and Internet solutions for the agricultural/livestock industry, today announced the roll out of "Where Food
Comes From," a unique program designed to build consumer confidence in the food
supply chain.