Beef Industry: Electronic Reporting Didn’t Help

R-CALF USA contends tougher commodity trading rules are key to making markets work.
While dairy industry leaders across the country seem to be uniting behind the need for daily electronic reporting of product sale prices and volume, the beef industry has been disappointed with it’s results.

E. Coli Outbreaks Focus Attention On Food-Safety Rules

For consumers, food safety can seem simple. They want to know that their burgers are safe and that they can eat their spinach salad without spending days in agony, close to a bathroom.

Increasingly, Lamb Is An Everyday Dish

Lamb accounts for less than half of 1 percent of fresh meat sales in the United States, and about one-third of consumers have never tasted it. Hoping to encourage more home cooks like Smith and more sales the American Lamb Board is shaking up the meat’s old-fashioned image in North America as a gamey, gray dish priced only for special occasions.

The Next Big Food Scare: Meat Prices

Year after year, the media is ready to report and consumers and ready to believe the latest food scare story. This years scare story is already beginning to simmer and promises to boil over this summer. This summers big food story will be the price of meat, particularly the price of beef.

Fenway Frank Maker Postpones Production

Chelsea meat purveyor Kayem Foods Inc. halted production yesterday, among the first of many area businesses expected to be affected by a break in a pipe that pumps water to the greater Boston area.