BBB: Colorado Customers Getting Raw Deal On Meat

The BBB says it has received a pattern of complaints from Aurora to Colorado
Springs against a company called Skyline Steak and Seafood. People who have
bought products say the quality is so poor the cuts of meat are not edible, and
taste like chlorine. Some complainants have claimed to have gotten sick.

Lore Of Bacon Festival Sizzles As National Fans Catch A Whiff

Six hundred bacon fans from around the nation will gather today for the third
annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival to devour 1,050 pounds of the sweet and salty
meat. That’s the equivalent of about 55 pigs’ worth of bacon.

Manitowoc Sausage-Maker Cher-Make Revamps Brand, Seeks Bigger Role

Tom Chermack, the chief executive at sausage maker Cher-Make, has put a photo of Grandpa, Emil Chermack, back on the labels, along with a lot of other folks, in an effort to improve the

Prices For Tasty Buffalo Wings Have Skyrocketed

The Buffalo wing is as good as gold for numerous bars and taverns. But the
greasy, spicy foodstuff is beginning to cost nearly that much, too.

Indiana Pork Producers Make Donation As Part Of Million Meals Program

Indiana Pork, in partnership with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, Inc. (FIsH) and the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA), donated 7,500 pounds of ground pork to Terre Haute Catholic Charities Food Bank as part of The Million Meals program this past Friday.