Your Local Butcher Is The New Rock Star

Any cook can benefit from having a friend behind the meat counter.

Braising Makes Less Expensive Cuts Taste Great

Cooking techniques like braising are the best ways to get maximum enjoyment out of the less-expensive cuts of meat, which often are the most flavorful.

Valley Meats Employs Multiple Testing And Safety Procedures

January 26, 2010 Valley Meats

Valley Meats, has taken a major pre-emptive move and has instituted a series of state-of-the-art testing and treatment technologies to eradicate harmful pathogens into their product stream.

Strategic Diagnostics’ RapidChek Awarded AOAC Certification

January 26, 2010 SDI

Improved test strip design helps improve the accuracy and time-to-result of pathogen testing required in the beef processing industry.

Beeler’s Unveils New Heluka Pork

January 26, 2010 Beeler’s Pork

The Beelers, fifth generation hog farmers from Iowa, recognized the humanely-rasied trend and developed their Heluka system of pig rearing.