Bacteria-Killing Protein To Combat E.Coli In Red Meat

US-based Ecolab Inc announced it has joined forces with AvidBiotics Corps to
commericalise its proprietary bacteria-killing protein that would be applied to raw meat during processing to significantly reduce the presence of E.coli is under development, said one
company behind the project.

Bar-S Foods Launches Social Media Marketing Campaign

February 2, 2010 Bar-S Foods

The All American hot dog company will show its support of our troops by visiting and sponsoring four military bases on Super Bowl sunday integrating into social media sites.

MarketTrend: Kosher- and Halal-Certified Foods In The U.S.

This report delivers an in-depth analysis of the market for kosher and halal foods in the United States, with an emphasis on opportunities in the mainstream market.

User Fees For Meat & Poultry Inspection Will Raise Food Costs

February 2, 2010 American Meat Institute

Two new meat and poultry inspection user fees are included in USDA’s proposed Fiscal Year 2011 budget, unveiled publicly today. These fees would charge companies for services ordinarily funded by the federal government.

In Vitro Meat: A New Culture

A dedicated consortium of international scientists, particularly a research group funded by the Dutch government, who have made dramatic progress toward the production of in vitro meat that could find its way to supermarkets in 10 years.