FSIS Testing Protocol For O157 Comes Under Fire From Rep. Delauro

November 13, 2009 Sally Schuff, Feedstuffs.com

Rep. Rosa DeLauro has asked the USDAs Inspector General to
investigate the scientific merits of the “N = 60” sampling and testing protocol
in the wake of a recall of 545,699 pounds of ground beef by Fairbanks Farms of
Ashville, N.Y.

Free Thanksgiving Feast Giveaway From Online Grocer FreshDirect

November 13, 2009 FreshDirect

FreshDirect has just announced its Thanksgiving Feast Giveaway for the 2009 Thanksgiving season, where one in every 100 customers who orders a complete chef-prepared Thanksgiving feast from FreshDirect will win their holiday dinner free of charge!

Hillshire Farm Launches Lower Fat Version Of Everyone’s Favorite Cocktail Link

November 12, 2009 Sara Lee Coporation

Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies cocktail links have always been a holiday party
pleaser and now Hillshire Farm has announced their latest product to
hit supermarket shelves, Hillshire Farm Turkey Litl Smokies.

Supply Chain Waste Map For Meat And Fish

The Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) and Envirowise are leading the research which will also look to identify the amount of water consumed and disposed of during meat and fish processing. The initiative will measure the cost and carbon footprint of this waste.

Consumers Want High-Quality, Branded Beef

Research from West Texas A&M University showed nearly half of consumers surveyed put beef as their No. 1 protein choice, and 97% indicated they ate beef between one and 12 times each week. 70% of the population indicating they preferred upper Choice or higher. Results also indicate 56% of consumers were willing to pay a premium for all-natural products like CAB brand Natural. However, it also indicated consumers were unsure of the true meaning behind a natural label.