Meeting To Address Codex Committee On Control Of Campylobacter & Salmonella

October 26, 2009 USDA FSIS

The USDA and the FDA will hold a public meeting to provide information and receive comments concerning Draft Guidelines for the Control of Campylobacter and Salmonella in Chicken Meat.

Pick Up Pork: The All-American Value for Fall

October 9, 2009 National Pork Board

Celebrate National Pork Month by sharing these meal ideas with consumers from hard-working U.S. Pork Producers.

Firm Recalls Sausage Products Due To Mislabeling And Undeclared Allergens

October 2, 2009 USDA FSIS

28,470 pounds of a frozen skinless sausage cooked cured pork longanisa product is being recalled because it was inadvertently packaged with an incorrect label and may contain undeclared allergens, anchovies and/or sardines.

AMI Announces New Meat & Poultry Safety IQ Quiz

October 2, 2009 American Meat Institute

In conjunction with September’s National Food Safety Education Month, the American Meat Institute today posted a new meat and poultry IQ quiz.

Listeria Risks From High Pressure Cleaning

Food plant managers have been cautioned that washing down floor drains with high-pressure equipment could make it easier for Listeria monocytogenes to transfer from the outlet back onto the processing line.