Carcass Irradiation May Be Important Processing Aid In Enhancing Beef Safety

October 2, 2009 American Meat Institute

A recent USDA public meeting was held to solicit opinion on an AMI petition to allow Low-dose electron beam irradiation in beef plants. AMI petitioned for approval for use of this technology on the carcass surface only, which is largely used in ground beef manufacture where it constitutes about 5 percent of the ground beef blend.

When It Comes To Food, Consumers Say Price Does Matter

The Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT) recently introduced a marketing campaign focused on the economical and environmental benefits of conventional beef production, which in this tough economy has kept meat case prices down, and consumers happy.

Consumer Beef Index Shows Positive Upswings In Beef Attitudes

A July 2009 Consumer Beef Index study showed positive upswings in attitudes on various measures of how consumers think about beef.

No Link Seen Between Meat And Risk Of Brain Cancer

October 2, 2009 Amy Norton, Reuters

A new study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that despite theories to the contrary, adults who eat a lot of meat may not have a heightened risk of the most common type of malignant brain tumor.

Cheaper US Pork Seen As Supply Remains Abundant

October 2, 2009 Jerry Bieszk, Reuters

Consumers will continue to get plentiful pork at grocery stores well into next year, analysts said on Friday. The country is awash in pork amid a slowdown in export demand due to the spread of the H1N1 flu.