FSIS Seeks Comments On Meat Nutrition Labeling

December 22, 2009 Staff Reporter, Food Navigator

The US Department of Agricultures Food Safety Inspection Service gave notice on Friday Decmber 18th that it is seeking comments on proposed nutrition labeling of single ingredient ground or chopped meat and poultry products. Specifically, it is requesting comments on fat and lean percentage statements, and what the possible effects of disallowing a lean percentage statement on ground and chopped meat products could be.

A&P Supermarkets Promote Pork Roasts for the Holidays

December 21, 2009 National Pork Board

The Pork Checkoff, the Minnesota Pork Board and JBS Swift have partnered with A&P Supermarkets to encourage consumers to include fresh pork in their holiday meals.

A&P And Table To Table Team Up to Fight Hunger

A&P has proudly presented community-based food rescue program Table To Table with donations of $20,000 and 15,000 pounds of poultry in an effort to help feed the hungry and ensure that those in need can have a happy, healthy holiday.

Allrecipes.com And The Pork Checkoff Serve Up Pork Possibilities

December 18, 2009 The National Pork Board

In an effort to help home cooks with all things pork, a microsite at Allrecipes.com, sponsored this year by the Pork Checkoff, showcases 50 of consumers favorite, and easy, pork recipes that didnt require a large number of ingredients.

Animal Welfare Approved Beef & Pork Available At Whole Foods

December 17, 2009 Animal Welfare Approved

This holiday consumer can also shop at more than 130 Whole Foods Market locations and find Animal Welfare Approved grassfed beef and pastured pork products.