Senate Committee Approves Food Safety Bill

The measure would expand the FDA’s watchdog powers, but the panel doesn’t specify how the reforms would be funded.

Target To Add PFresh Grocery Concept At 350 Stores

Target said it will introduce new PFresh locations to existing stores in high-priority markets.

Ag Against Hunger To Host Autumn Harvest Glean And Barbecue

The harvest glean will provide additional fresh produce to local food banks just before Thanksgiving, so they may share this food with families throughout the tri-county area and beyond.

English Panel Votes Cameo Tastiest Apple

The centrepiece of the show, held each October, is the largest competitive display of commercially grown top fruit staged in the U.K.

Damco Strengthens Position As A Leading Supplier Of Reefer Logistics

November 19, 2009 Mark Byrne, Damco

Damco has hired several additional experts within reefer logistics in both North and South America.