Walgreens Aquires Duane Reade Chain

March 30, 2010 Jessica Wohl, Reuters

Duane Reade is adding fresh salads and frozen DR Delish desserts to entice New Yorkers seeking a quick meal or snack.

Walmart Dominates Retail Loyalty Index

March 30, 2010 COLLOQUY

In a vast departure from COLLOQUYs 2008 report on consumer loyalty to U.S. retailers, Walmart dominated the 2010 COLLOQUY Retail Loyalty Index.

Whole Foods Store Hosts Opera Performances

Washington National Opera singers perform in a Whole Foods store in Harbor East.

Supervalu Severs Relationship With Daymon

March 29, 2010 Morning News Beat

Supervalu has decided to terminate its relationship with the private label giant, effective May 15.

Roundy’s To Borrow $150M To Pay Dividend

Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc. plans to borrow $150 million to pay a dividend to its owners.