Walgreen Plans To Offer Fresh Food, Prepared Meals

January 19, 2010 Carol Wolf, Bloomberg

Walgreen Co. plans to offer fresh foods and prepared meals to draw time-starved shoppers to its more than 7,000 stores.

Quantum Foods, North Star Foods Join Forces

January 19, 2010 Quantum Foods LLC

North Star Foods Inc., and Quantum Foods, LLC, will combine operations into a single food company.

Farm Fresh Makes Smart Eating Easy And Colorful

January 19, 2010 Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh launched nutrition iQ, a nutrition information program designed to help consumers make better-informed, better-for-you food choices.

FDA Raids Rodent-Infested Restaurant Supplier

January 19, 2010 Tom Gasparoli, FDA

FDA seizes more than $1 million worth of food from Won Feng Trading Company, a Nashville processor and warehouse.

Retailers Fuel Resurgence In Senior Discounts

Grocers and other retailers nationwide are resurrecting, revamping or simply promoting more heavily discounts aimed at senior citizens.