Early Signs Are Positive For Gulf Seafood

August 17, 2010 Associated Press

Tests of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico show little evidence of oil buildup, and officials are working to develop a test to detect dispersant.

Sushi School Provides Global Opportunities

Students at private academies in Japan spend their days perfecting the practice of efficiently crafting perfect pieces of sushi.

Gulf Coast Lab Harvests Its Largest Shrimp Crop

August 16, 2010 Associated Press

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory’s Cedar Point site harvested about 3,000 pounds of shrimp.

Caviar Farms Spawn Across Florida

Rokaviar expects to produce 3 to 4 tons of caviar this year.

Shell-Rotting Disease Threatens Northeast Lobster Industry

A disease that rots the shells of lobsters is threatening the Northeast’s $20-million lobster industry.