Gulf Shellfish, Soil Contaminated, Researchers Find

Lab tests on oysters and soil from the Gulf showed the contaminant levels were through the roof, according to researchers.

FDA May Have Lowered Safety Standards For Gulf Seafood

September 8, 2010 Ben Raines, Press-Register

FDA’s standards for Gulf seafood may be lower than those in past oil spills.

Oil Dispersants’ Effects On Seafood Still A Mystery

September 8, 2010 Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

The long-term effects that dispersants or dispersant-treated oil have on marine life remain as opaque as a layer of crude.

Shrimp, Oil Still King At Louisiana Festival

Shrimp and oil are still king at the 75th Annual Shrimp and Petroleum Festival.

Umami Seafood Spawns, Hatches Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

September 7, 2010 Umami Sustainable Seafood Inc.

Umami Sustainable Seafood has sucessfully spawned and hatched Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna in captivity.