Central Alabama Seafood Retailers Not Impacted By Spill

May 13, 2010 Bryan Henry, WSFA

Consumers can still get what they want, and retailers hope to continue business as usual.

FDACS Commissioner Stresses Safety Of Florida Seafood

Charles H. Bronson says seafood currently being harvested in Florida is safe and has not been impacted by the oil spill in the gulf.

Shrimpers, Fishermen, Hotels Feel Spill’s Trickledown Effect

Wholesale shrimp prices were up 12 percent last week from a year ago at Chicago-area Worldwide Shrimp.

Wild Alaska Salmon Season Opens Today

Alaska’s summer salmon season kicks off today (May 13).

Proposed Bill Would Monitor Spill’s Impact On Seafood

The proposed bill would include $2 million to the FDA to monitor the spill’s impact on seafood caught in the Gulf of Mexico.