Biopack Announces Initial Sales Of New Water-Resistant Trays

Biopack designed, tested, manufactured and shipped a new coated fish tray.

Global Salmon Study Shows Sustainable Food Production Isn’t So Sustainable

Multi-year study points the way to Sustainable Salmon Production And Debunks Food Sustainability Myths along the way.

Warming Drives Off Cape Cod’s Namesake

November 30, 2009 Associated Press

Cod and 23 other stocks of species have shifted as waters warm.

Report: Frozen Fish Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Fresh

November 25, 2009 Abby Haight, The Oregonian

The study showed how sustainable it is to catch fish, keep them cold and fly them to markets around the world.

Mississippi Senator Co-Sponsors Warm-Water Oyster Bill

The legislation would effectively prohibit the sale of warm water oysters.