Pennsylvania DEP Releases Updated Fish Consumption Advisories

Pennsylvania state officials today released updated fish consumption advisories that include two new fish species and a water body that had not previously been on the list.

U.S. Shipper Sues Russian Crab Importer For $5.8M

Simar Shipping Limited just filed a USD $5.8 million complaint against Global Fishing, Inc. for Globals alleged breach of a maritime contract to pay for Russian crab.

National Sustainable Offshore Aquaculture Act To Improve Seafood Quality

December 23, 2009 Tim McHugh, Ocean Conservancy

This legislation establishes the first legally-binding national standards for how fish farming should be conducted in the open-ocean.

Virginia Town To Launch Branding Program To Promote Local Seafood

Dare County is preparing to launch a branding program, “Outer Banks Catch,” to promote locally caught seafood.

American Shrimp Processors Condemn Proposed Settlement On Antidumping Order

The American Shrimp Processors Association (ASPA) strongly condemns the proposed settlement and revocation of the antidumping order on imported shrimp from Thailand.