Farmed Or Wild Fish: Which Is Healthier?

January 14, 2010 Elizabeth Landau, CNN

CNNHealth examines the benefits of both farmed and wild fish.

Weather Chills Louisiana Crawfish Harvest

Cold temperatures in Louisiana are tough on farmers trying to harvest crawfish.

Congressional Seafood Regains Compliance With FDA

Congressional Seafood Co., which was cited by the FDA for failing to follow food safety regulations and ordered to stop distributing fish, has regained compliance.

Cold Weather Ends SC Shrimp Season Early

January 12, 2010 Associated Press

Plummeting water temperatures are causing S.C. officials to call an early end to the fall shrimping season.

Nunavut Char A Hit In Restaurants, Supermarkets

January 12, 2010 CBS News

The heightened sales are partly attributed to CleanFish, a San Francisco-based company that links sustainable fisheries with some prestigious U.S. restaurants and retailers.