Local Fishery Revenues Drop As Global Industry Takes Off

Aggressive recent federal and state regulations have unnecessarily constrained California fishing fleets.

FDA Orders First Debarment Of A Food Importer

December 14, 2009 Rita Chappelle, FDA

Action against Peter Xoung Lame, president of Virginia Star Seafood Corp., prohibts him from importing seafood for the next 20 years.

FDA Urges Seafood Processors To Use HACCP

December 8, 2009 Dan Flynn, Food Safety News

The FDA released food safety “warning letters” to six seafood processors.

Demand For Scallops Outweighs Supply

Not all scallopers are willing to go fishing when the price is so low and the weather is so challenging.

Feds Plan To Review Shrimp Tariffs That Protect U.S. Fishermen And Processors

The orders on imported shrimp are an important legal tool to help processors and shrimpers avoid even greater harm from dumped imports in a period of depressed domestic demand.