Researchers: Idaho Mercury Scare Was Based On Faulty Data

United States Geological Survey staff noticed the error when they started looking at newer data that showed a dramatic drop in mercury in fish.

Prime Star Announces IntelA-Pac Spinoff

Prime Star’s IntelA-Pac will begin the formal spinoff of IntelA-Pac, Inc., formerly New Age Packaging, from its parent company.

Mocon’s Standard-Setting Optech O2 Platinum Analyzer

The additional capability sets the performance bar even higher for the unit which uses platinum fluorescent material to measure oxygen (O2) transmission rates.

Seafood Group Pushes Sustainable Labeling

December 1, 2009 Klas Stolpe, Juneau Empire

Certification may help boost prices, expand Alaska brand in Europe.

FDA Recommends More Robust System Of Food Product Tracing

The FDA recommends clear objectives be set for all users of a simpler, globally accepted food supply chain.