FDA Orders First Debarment Of A Food Importer

December 14, 2009 Rita Chappelle, FDA

Action against Peter Xoung Lame, president of Virginia Star Seafood Corp., prohibts him from importing seafood for the next 20 years.

Eagle Packaging Machinery Designs Forming Solution For Showcase Seafood Trays

The showcase tray is widely used in the produce, seafood and deli sectors.

United States Opens Import Food Safety Center

December 14, 2009 FDA

The Commercial Targeting and Analysis Center for Import Safety is operating under the direction of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Pacific Seafood Named A Most Admired Company In Oregon

Pacific Seafood was selected to receive the award based on a survey of CEOs across Oregon.

Local Fishery Revenues Drop As Global Industry Takes Off

Aggressive recent federal and state regulations have unnecessarily constrained California fishing fleets.