A2 Milk Sends Out First Shipment To Southern California Grocers

The A2 Milk Company sent out its first milk shipments to local grocery stores this past Wednesday (April 8, 2015). According to company representatives, this means that consumers should be able to find the A2 Milk half gallons on shelves within the next week or so. Once the products have been verified to be in stock, that’s when the advertisement campaigns can begin. That will include television commercials, magazine ads, and coupons.

If you missed the previous article on what A2 milk is, a brief description is that it’s milk from a cow. According to the A2 representatives, and several scientists and nutritionists that were at the special event held on Wednesday, there are no GMO’s involved, nor are there any special additives, or flavoring (like you’d find in some other specialty milk products). This is simply milk, and as such, it tastes like the milk you’re used to drinking already. The only difference is that the cows who produced this milk have the original A2 protein in their milk, while many herds today in the U.S. have cows that carry the A1 mutation that popped up around 5000 years ago. According to studies, it seems that A1 is the culprit behind so many people’s problems with drinking milk. So, you may not be lactose intolerant after all, it may be a problem with digesting the A1 protein. Milk with A2 doesn’t cause the same problem. (The A2 people do stress however, that anyone with a milk allergy should not think of A2 Milk is a milk substitute product, it is STILL MILK!)

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