American Dairy Coalition Completes Leadership Team With Additional Board Members

Two additional board members are now serving to round out the Board of Directors to represent producers from across the United States. These additional members join Board President John Jacobs, whose position was announced at the 2016 Annual Business Meeting this past December.

ADC's Board of Directors Includes:

John Jacobs, ADC Board President:

As President of the American Dairy Coalition, Jacobs feels the importance of member input in developing ADC’s policy positions cannot be understated. Jacobs currently is owner and manager of Green Valley Dairy, located in Northeastern Wisconsin. As a dairy producer, Jacobs understands the challenges our nation’s farmers experience firsthand. In the coming year, he is determined that farmers will have a voice on Capitol Hill as ADC moves forward to:

  • Ensure a reliable labor force through Immigration reform
  • Roll back overreaching regulations that do nothing more than cost farms money, without improving the environment
  • Increase access to quality healthcare and internet connections for rural farms
  • Improve rural road infrastructure
  • Provide farmer protection from animal rights activists
  • Increase exports of dairy products world-wide

Greg Jans, ADC Secretary:

Greg Jans, Partner of Co-Jo Dairy.  Jans operates a 1000 cow dairy operation in Minnesota.  Jans understands first hand the struggles today’s dairy farmers face and is excited to represent the first national dairy producer coalition to help build a fruitful future for the industry.  Jans is committed to supporting use of  peer reviewed scientific safe technology to produce nutritious, affordable dairy products to feed the world’s growing population.   

Walt Moore, ADC Treasurer:

Walt Moore, President and General Manager of Walmoor Holsteins, Inc. Moore operates a 860 dairy operation in Pennsylvania.  His family farm has been in operation for over 108 years, representing 4 generations.  In addition to his dairy, he produces corn for silage, grain, alfalfa, soybeans and triticale.  He employees several full time and part time workers and is committed to providing a comfortable standard of living for his employees while positively impacting our environment and local community.  The struggles today’s dairy farmers face in growing their business is something Moore truly understands and is excited to represent the dairy farmers in the nation and represent their interests on Capitol Hill.

These Board Members Join the Rest of the ADC Team:

  • Kari Kuehl, Executive Advisory Chairperson: Director of Sales and Feed Components,
  • Laurie Fischer, CEO: Founder of the American Dairy Coalition
  • Jeff Burton, Lobbyist: President of Burton Strategies Group
  • Dave Crass, General Counsel: MIchael Best, Industry Group Chair, Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

About the American Dairy Coalition:

The American Dairy Coalition is the united voice of the dairy, agriculture and livestock industry. Successful policy making, in order to best serve this industry, starts in Washington DC. We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever changing federal policy making environment. ADC is the only national organization solely focused on advocating to advance the growth and success of progressive producers and agriculture companies.

In the past year, ADC has grown to represent over 30,000 dairy producers through memberships, as well as national and state dairy associations.  ADC has collaborated with many groups and individuals to make a significant impact on the agriculture industry.

Source: American Dairy Coalition