American Dairy Product Institute Enters its 95th Year!

ADPI, an organization offor and by its members, originally began as the American Dry Milk Institute (ADMI), organized by 18 manufacturers of dry milk on June 03, 1925, originally as a “temporary association,” and based in Chicago, IL USA. At that time production of milk powder nationally was estimated to be 70 Million pounds.

Following those humble beginnings, the ADMI grew and in 1986 merged with the Whey Products Institute (founded in 1971), in April 1986 to form what is known today as the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI). In 2018, estimated production of milk & whey derived powders by ADPI members was 2.76 Billion pounds. However, ADPI does not exist for or by milk powders alone, as in 1987 it merged with the Evaporated Milk Association (EMA – founded in 1923), and expanded its scope.

The first 75+ years, of operation of the growing dairy ingredients/processed dairy products association were all based from headquarter locations in downtown Chicago, IL. As the organization continued to grow and expand it relocated its headquarters in 2002 out to the suburbs near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, in Elmhurst, IL (York Street). ADPI in 2012, then purchased its current HQ building at 126 Addison Ave where it is today. Interestingly enough, the current HQ building in Elmhurst was built in 1925, and was home to two different bakery businesses for some 50+ years, and both used milk powders in their various baked goods recipes.

As the dairy ingredients business continued to grow, so did ADPI membership and the ingredients/products they manufactured, sold, distributed and represented. Today these ingredients and related products include dairy derived dry powders, milkfat, AMF/butter, ingredient cheese, fluid milks, condensed milks, etc. and are marketed globally.  

“ADPI also embraces diversity within its membership ranks and has 6 membership categories covering Manufacturers, Associate Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Utilization, and Affiliate members. Affiliates are defined as equipment and various service providers to the industry i.e. banking, risk management, analytics, business consulting, product & process design and testing, HR, etc.,” stated Richard Bradfield of International Ingredients Corporation, and the current Chairman of ADPI.

 “ADPI operates on a pre-competitive and collaborative basis through various Task Force and Committees in its structure for the benefit of members and the broader industry. Today, ADPI is comprised of some 268 members (domestic & internationally located), operates as a not-for-profit organization entirely and is solely supported by membership dues and revenues generated from its widely regarded L3® (Listen, Learn, Liaise) events. These events are comprised of conferences, seminars, forums, symposia and training activities offered throughout the calendar year. ADPI does not receive US government stipends nor dairy farmer check-off funds. ADPI focuses on the commercial aspects of the dairy ingredients and related products industry, and by design and mandate does not engaged in partisan political lobbying activities,” commented Blake Anderson, President & Chief Executive Officer of ADPI.

One of ADPI’s signature events is its Annual Joint Conference with the American Butter Institute (ABI) each spring in downtown Chicago, where some 1,000+ registered attendees convene to Listen, Learn, and Liaise in conjunction with the world wide dairy ingredients/products industry. Last year (2019), this conference boasted attendance from almost all US states as well as some 18+ other countries. This year (2020), it will be held on April 26-28 at the Hyatt Regency-Downtown Chicago and not far from its original founding location. This conference is widely referred to as “Where The Dairy Industry Does Business.” ®

ADPI as an organization has four strategic focus areas, mandated by its Board of Directors and for the benefit of its members, they are:

1) Technical Support re: industry standards & specifications for dairy ingredients

2) Training and Education related to dairy ingredients for members & industry

3) Marketing & Marketing Support of dairy ingredients relevance

4) Marshalling Resources for the benefit of members & industry

ADPI and its members are excited about the new decade as we enter 2020, our 95th year of continuous operation, and to face the known challenges that exist today and the unknown that surely will evolve tomorrow.

ADPI, The American Dairy Products Institute is the leading national trade association representing manufacturers marketers and service providers to and of dairy-based ingredients. ADPI’s sole mission is to increase the global use of dairy ingredients by marshaling the technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources of its members and others. For more information, visit our website at