America’s Oldest Family Owned Creamery Minerva Dairy Celebrates 125 Years of “Living the Butter Life”

MINERVA, Ohio – It’s been a busy 2019 for the butter fanatics at Minerva Dairy.

To celebrate 125 years of better butter making, the passionate personalities behind the family-owned-and-operated creamery have been marking the milestone in myriad ways.

For one, the logo and packaging of the legendary 85-percent butterfat, slow-churned Amish butter now has an eye-catching new look. The rebranded packaging features stylized retro graphics and a contemporary feel that can be easily spotted on the grocery store shelf.

The brand also has been strengthening its distribution and availability throughout 2019, particularly in the Southeast region. And with new product rollouts in the mix, life at Minerva is “butter than most”, as the company ramps up production efforts to handle increased demand.

Siblings Venae Watts and Adam Mueller represent the fifth generation of Minerva Dairy ownership. They are the so-called “butter brains” behind the creamery’s success today. Between their two families, there are a dozen more descendants making up generation No. 6, some of whom are now, too, involved in the business.

“Each generation has learned from the previous one,” notes Watts. “We’ve all been living the butter life, because our butter is our pride and joy. That’s what keeps us growing.”

Minerva uses only farm-fresh milk from pasture-raised cows and natural ingredients to turn out a time-tested product that ensures the best quality and flavor. Their trademark slow-churning process, a rare find in the industry today, traps less air in the butter it makes, compared to the amount of air trapped using high-speed churns. With less trapped air and more butterfat content than other brands, the result is a creamier, richer, more-flavorful product.

Minerva’s core portfolio includes sea salt, unsalted, and garlic herb butter flavors with occasional seasonal offerings. The company also makes cheddar and Italian-style cheeses, including kosher Parmesan. All Minerva Dairy products are GMO-free, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, and free of the synthetic hormone rBST. The brand’s manufacturing plant is kosher- and halal-certified.

In early 2020, the company is set to launch a highly-anticipated 1-pound version of its 2-pound hand-rolled butter. This is in addition to Minerva’s popular 8-ounce carton containing two 4-ounce sticks.

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About Minerva Dairy

Minerva Dairy, America’s oldest family owned creamery and the leader in better butter, was founded in 1894 by Max Radloff, in Hustisford, Wisconsin. Over the next half century, Radloff and his family created a network of 26 farms for sourcing their cream. This included the company’s single present-day location in Minerva, Ohio, which was acquired in 1935. Minerva Dairy today is famous for its legendary, slow-churned, 85-percent butterfat content. After 125 years of operation and five generations of family leadership (and counting), the company remains America’s premier butter expert, serving the richest, creamiest, best-tasting butter anywhere. Minerva also manufactures a selection of cheese products, such as Parmesan, cheddar, Swiss, kosher and halal varieties.