Arla Foods Ingredients Launches Organic Solution For Cooking-Stable Cheese

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new organic functional solution for cooking-stable cheese products.

The solution is part of a new line that helps manufacturers meet the growing demand for healthy, natural and organic products. 

Organic cheese launches are growing at a CAGR of 15.1% in Europe1 and 73% of European consumers would buy more organic dairy products if they were more widely available.2 

Meanwhile, cooking-stable cheese products – such as grilling cheeses and cheese fries – are increasingly prevalent. They are a perfect protein-rich substitute for meat, and have created new possibilities to cater for the growing number of vegetarian and flexitarian consumers.

Arla Foods Ingredients is now adding an organic line to its Nutrilac® range of functional protein solutions, which offer multiple functionalities in dairy, including improved taste, texture, creaminess and stability.

The line includes Nutrilac® FO-7922 Organic – a new product for cooking-stable cheese products. Ideal for grilling cheeses, cheese patties for burgers, cheese sticks, cheese nuggets and cheeses for hot pot soup, it can also be used to create recombined dairy products that are just as delicious as those made from fresh milk.

As well as being organic, Nutrilac® FO-7922 Organic is heat-stable in processing, allows flexible levels of sodium content and has a pleasant taste. Other advantages include 100% yield.

Claus Bukbjerg Andersen, Senior Category Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Contemporary ways of cooking and eating cheese are increasingly varied, and there’s demand for cooking-stable products in a variety of forms. At the same time, ethical purchasing drivers are increasingly important and the demand for organic products is huge. Our new solution meets all of these current market needs. It combines functional benefits with a natural, wholesome, organic positioning that boosts consumer appeal.”

1Innova database (Dairy and non-dairy products)

2 Lindberg International ‘Consumer study on perception of organic food products and organic purchasing habits’, 2019

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