As NYS Takes Measures to Address COVID-19, Maple Hill Creamery Pledges over 80 Tons of Organic Grass-Fed Dairy Products to Communities in Need

NEW YORK — Maple Hill Creamery, America’s original Grass-Fed Organic brand with 150 dairy farms throughout New York State – announced they have partnered with New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets on behalf of Governor Cuomo and nonprofit Feeding America to distribute 200,000 cartons of their grass-fed organic milk and grass-fed yogurt to residents in need. Donations will continue to be distributed throughout areas hit hardest by the virus including New York City, Westchester, and Long Island, along with parts of New Jersey with particular attention to residents who are facing hunger as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Said Maple Hill CEO Carl Gerlach, “The crisis puts many of the region’s more vulnerable communities even more at risk. As residents across New York feel the impact of lost wages, reduced hours and quarantine restrictions, we are doing everything we can to ensure residents have what they need. All our dairy farms are based in New York State and we recognize the importance of stepping up and taking care of friends and neighbors during these times. We want to give back to a state that has given us so much over the years.”

Agricultural Committee Chair Assemblywoman Donna A. Lupardo added, “The people of New York State are at their best during times like these, stepping up to support their neighbors.  I commend Maple Hill Creamery for donating 200,000 cartons of milk and yogurt to people in need across the state. I am pleased to see this kind of generosity all over the state because we’re all in this together.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to Maple Hill Creamery for generously donating 200,000 cartons of organic grass-fed milk and yogurt to those in need during this public health crisis, providing quality nutrition to food insecure families at a critical time. This is a great example of the kind of leadership and dedication to community well-being that will get us through this challenging time, and we are fortunate to have a dairy like Maple Hill Creamery and its network of family farms here in New York,” said State Senator Jen Metzger, Agricultural Committee Chair.

Founded in 2009, Maple Hill Creamery was the nation’s first dairy to be third-party certified as 100% grass-fed organic and is now the largest network of family-owned grass-fed organic dairy farms in America, all of which are in New York State. Maple Hill cows are only fed grass, never corn or grain, and receive outdoor access 365 days a year.

Maple Hill’s dairy farms practice regenerative agricultural farming, which is not only better for the cows and produces healthier milk, but also enriches pasture soil, conserves water, and reduces greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere through carbon sequestration. Maple Hill products are 100% humane, regenerative and traceable.