Big Data Empowers Arla Farmers to Decarbonise Dairy at a Faster Pace 

Arla’s Climate Checks programme, which is one of the world’s largest externally validated set of climate data from seven European countries confirms that Arla farmers are among the most climate efficient dairy farmers in the world. It also provides Arla farmers a clear blueprint of what will drive further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions on their farms over the next decade. 

For the last decades, Arla farmers have been working steadily towards sustainable farming and implementing green opportunities on their farms, such as circular farming practices, renewable energy and biodiversity and now also Climate Checks. A total of 7,986 farms across seven European countries have concluded a Climate Check using Arla’s new standardised tool for identifying carbon footprint and the data shows that they are among the most climate efficient in the world. 

 “We have made a major investment in developing and implementing a solid model for measuring climate impact on a dairy farm. The unique data set that Arla farmers have now created clearly shows which activities will accelerate our reductions over the next decade. We will use this to decarbonise our farms at a faster pace and share our findings with stakeholders to help drive an effective transition for the whole industry. There’s a huge amount of value in this for all of us,“ says Arla Foods Chairman Jan Toft Nørgaard.

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