Blue Sky Family Farms Let Chickens Be Chickens

Chickens, they’re just like us! Well, at least more than we give them credit for. Science shows that chickens love to socialize and spend time playing outdoors. And those happy, healthy, stress-free birds? They’re the most prized producers.

John Brunnquell, Ph.D, President & CEO of Egg Innovations, the parent company of the Blue Sky Family Farms brand, has concluded from decades of experience and research that chickens encouraged to behave according to their nature lay nutritionally-dense, healthier, and more delicious eggs.

“All animals are hardwired to act a certain way, and allowing chickens to express their natural behaviors in their native environments produces the best possible eggs,” says Brunnquell.

With the rollout of its new look and corresponding advertising campaign, “The Best Eggs Come in Blue”, Blue Sky Family Farms reinforces and refreshes its tradition as the standard of animal welfare and sustainable egg production. From perching to pasturing, scratching to socializing–and yes, even bathing in dust, Blue Sky Family Farms is where chickens can be chickens, living their best lives under skies of blue.

With decades as the innovators in poultry science, Blue Sky Family Farms has combined commercial experience and academic study to build and master a care system that allows chickens to produce the highest quality 100% Free Range and Pasture Raised eggs. From providing premium feed sourced from their own mill, to constructing state-of-the-art barns to exact specifications based on what the chickens like best, the company supports and cares for chickens from day one.

“Our responsible and regenerative farming methods are supported by multiple certifications holding us to the most rigorous standards in the industry,” says Brunnquell.  “That’s why the best eggs come in blue.”

For more information, visit the new website and follow Blue Sky Family Farms on Facebook or Instagram. And look for Blue Sky Family Farms’ new blue, patterned packaging in stores across the country.