Butter of Europe Brings a Nostalgic, Savory Taste to the Holiday Season

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Turkeys and hams. Casseroles and baked vegetables. Pies, cookies, sweets and treats of all kinds. What’s one thing all of these seasonal, nostalgic dishes have in common? They’re all made better with butter.  

The holiday season is a special time of year where we take a moment to catch up with the important people in our lives, and we usually do so over a warm, comforting meal. Those meals often have a touch of sentimentality baked right in. We want each of those dishes to taste as good as they can, and one way to do that is to use Butter of Europe in your favorite recipes.

Regardless of what foods you traditionally prepare for your family and loved ones during the holidays, butter will more than likely make an appearance in the ingredients list. Butter is the foundation of so many of the dishes and plates we look forward to at this time of year, and Butter of Europe can make them the very best they can be. From the Thanksgiving turkey and the holiday ham, to the sweets and treats we get to enjoy just once a year, butter plays a huge role in making those dishes as memorable as they always have been. Here’s a few classic, savory suggestions that make the holidays feel like the holidays, and benefit from using Butter of Europe. Seek out your favorite version online and get to baking!

Traditional Classic Herb Stuffing is a staple of holiday meals. It’s seasonal and nostalgic, full of great taste and great memories. And of course, butter plays a huge role in making this dish one that everyone will enjoy.  

No holiday table would be complete without Mashed Potatoes. And no bowl of creamy, delicious mashed potatoes would be complete without a pat—or three—of butter of Europe. With higher butter fat content, Butter of Europe comes as a taste enhancing go-to addition to the classic holiday mashed potatoes as it’s softer and melts faster.

Holiday Green Bean Casserole is classic, and delicious, in its own right but made even better when you use butter of Europe to dial up the creamy and savory aspects of the dish.

Of course, we can’t overlook the holiday sweets. What says “holiday” more than the smell of freshly baked pies wafting through your household? Is there anything better than still warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookies? Each of these not only require butter but they are also made so much better when we use the very best butter available. 

One of our favorites is the Classic Holiday Butter Cookie. Shaped however you like; this staple of the holiday season is created to perfection when you use butter of Europe. With such a simple recipe, utilizing few ingredients, butter of Europe really makes a difference. Butter of Europe has less water and higher fat content, resulting in cookies that are soft, melt-in-your-mouth and packed with flavor.

Enjoyed almost exclusively during the holidays, Pumpkin Pie is the quintessential holiday pie. And while the pumpkin filling is what defines this holiday classic, the importance of the crust can’t be overstated.

And we all know lots of butter makes a great crust. Butter of Europe bakes exceptionally well and a laminated dough can give pie crust that unforgettable flavor and texture.

The holidays are also a chance to surprise and delight your family and guests. Apple Galette is just the recipe to show off your baking skills. This delicious treat is chock full of delicious apple flavor, balanced with a flaky, buttery pastry crust. Galette’s are often baked at higher temperatures, and that’s where butter of Europe shines. If this treat doesn’t already make a regular appearance on your holiday table, it soon will.

So, this holiday season, cook, bake and be merry. Indulge in this time of year that brings so many of us so close together. The season is brief and fleeting, but the memories of all we make and bake endure.


About Butter of Europe

The Butter of Europe Marketing Campaign, orchestrated by CNIEL (The French Dairy Inter-Branch Organization) and co-funded by the European Union, was designed to create awareness for the variety of European butters available in the US market and to suggest ways that American consumers can incorporate butter into their diets, recipes and lifestyles. The campaign’s goal is to increase the appeal of European butter and strengthen their competitive position within the growing specialty butter category.

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