Butter of Europe Offers Recap of its First Starchefs Event

Butter of Europe has teamed up with Starchefs to bring tricks and tips from top chefs to your kitchen.

The first workshop of the series was hosted on Monday, January 18th by Chef Lisa Lundwinski from Sister Pie, Detroit, and featured her signature Pie Sandwich Cookie recipe.

“What unites everything that we bake is that it includes butter – and European Butter brings such a pow of flavor!”

Chef Lisa Lundwinski from Sister Pie

Charles Duque, Managing Director of the French Dairy Board for the Americas, explained the specificities of Butter of Europe. The main difference between US and European butter lies in the fact that European Butter has a higher fat content. This higher fat content means the product holds less water, allowing for better melting and more flavor, ideal for both cooking and baking.

Butter has been around for thousands of years and is a product with deep ancestral value in French cuisine and gastronomy. French Butter is produced in some of France’s most famous regions such as the Loire Valley and Normandy. In 2019 around 34,000 tons of French Butter were produced, 20% of which are exported, with the US market being a major importer.

In France, there are three coveted butters with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. This status identifies these butters have been produced in a specific geographical area through methods certified by the European Union. The process is closely controlled to ensure quality.

Butter of Europe can be found at your local supermarket, Whole Foods, and from online distributors throughout the country.