Clover Sonoma Debuts New Colorful Kid’s Line of Organic Clover the Rainbow Dairy Beverages and Snack Products

PETALUMA, Calif.–Clover Sonoma, a third-generation family-owned and operated dairy and Certified B Corporation®, today announced its new colorful dairy brand, Clover the Rainbow — empowering kids with creative flavors and quality nutrition. Designed to teach kids about eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet, Clover the Rainbow debuts with three organic yogurt smoothies: Strawberry Carrot, Blueberry Beet, and Strawberry Banana Butternut. Each smoothie is a good source of protein and calcium, has billions of probiotics to help support gut health, is made with real fruit and veggies, and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Clover the Rainbow organic smoothies are also the only American Humane Certified smoothies in the dairy aisle and the first of many products to join the line.

In kids’ dairy, everyone speaks to nutrition, most speak to organic and sustainable and some speak to humane. Clover the Rainbow speaks to all three — it’s an organic, humane, and sustainable food brand for families that passionately delivers a fun, flavorful, and empowering experience, beginning with dairy.

“As a third generation family-owned company, we know the importance of family and pride ourselves on being the most trusted dairy in California, so the decision to produce the highest quality dairy products for kids felt natural,” said Clover Sonoma CEO Marcus Benedetti. “Understanding the role a nourishing diet plays in overall well-being, we leveraged our knowledge and experience to bring families Clover the Rainbow. This new organic food brand provides necessary nutrition to growing kids, and helps support good eating habits through a balanced diet. We’re starting Clover the Rainbow with organic smoothies, with much more goodness to follow soon.”

Vibrant, Colorful Whole Nutrition, Beginning with Dairy

Clover the Rainbow brings whole nutrition from dairy, fruits, and vegetables, into an exciting and flavorful experience. For kids of all ages, whole nutrition means getting the right nutrients from high-quality sources. Clover Sonoma believes organic dairy is about as good as it gets — along with limited ingredients, low sugar, high calcium, and the right ratio of carbs to protein. Whole foods including fruits and vegetables play an important role too.

“Children should be eating superfoods daily as well as various whole and minimally processed sources of nutrients to gain their super strength,” said Registered Dietitian Sarah Koszyk. “As a superfood, Clover the Rainbow organic smoothies are a refreshing snack or recovery drink. The combination of drinkable yogurt with fruits and vegetables will give kids an extra kick of nutrients to get them energized, improve memory, build immunity, and boost gut health.”

No matter how good a food is for you, it should be tasty. Clover the Rainbow organic smoothies amp up the flavor and the fun with exciting colorful nutrition that follows the eat your rainbow health guidelines. The vibrant approach to nutrition means the whole family learns about the importance of drinking all colors of the rainbow.

Celebrating Brilliance

With kids’ bodies powered to take on the world, adults need to be their biggest fans — offering encouragement, guidance, and help to pursue their dreams. Imagine what could be if Kids These Days had a pound more of courage, walked with head-held-high confidence, and showed that inner strength that said, “Power Your Brilliance”!

That world is Clover the Rainbow. When you give kids a smoothie, they are energized with nutrition and that helps fuel their boundless energy, curiosity and brilliance. “Power Your Brilliance” means finding your power source, shining bright, and building resilience in body, and also in mind. The basis of this is rooted in whole nutrition — this means getting the right nutrients from high quality sources like fruits and vegetables, as well as milk.

Go Shine With Clover the Rainbow

Over the next several months, Clover Sonoma will be spotlighting creative kids who radiate their brilliance through their talents and individuality. Visit Clover Sonoma’s website and their social channels on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest and YouTube to learn more.

Through the Clover the Rainbow website, kids can find “Go Shine” resource pages created just for kids. The site includes nutritional information and education, activities including arts and crafts, Wee Yogis mindfulness videos and music, kid-friendly recipes, as well as printable coloring pages.

Clover the Rainbow organic smoothies are bundled with four, six ounce bottles packed in three flavors: Strawberry Carrot, Strawberry Banana Butternut, and Blueberry Beet. Starting in August, they will be available at Sprouts, Whole Foods and independent retailers in California at MSRP $6.49.

About Clover Sonoma

Third-generation family owned and operated, Clover Sonoma is a leader at the forefront of the dairy industry, bringing conscious dairy products direct from its family farms to consumers. The Petaluma-based company in Northern California’s beautiful Sonoma County was the first dairy in the United States to become American Humane Certified, and hold its partnership of family-owned dairy farms to a higher standard by developing its own unique Clover Promise of Excellence. As a Certified B Corporation®, the company uses its business as a power to do good, and its passionate support of animal welfare, sustainable practices, and local community continue to be hallmarks of the business. Each year, the company gives back at least five percent of its profits to support these passions under its Clover Cares program. For more information, please visit and join the conversation on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest and YouTube.