Cornucopia Campaign Elevates the Country’s Top-Rated Dairy Producers

VIROQUA, Wis. — The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based organic food and farm policy research group, is launching a new campaign to showcase ethical, authentic organic dairy producers.

The “Organic Innovators: Top-Rated Farmers You Can Trust” Dairy Campaign will empower consumers and wholesale buyers to support hard-working farmers who are in danger of being washed off the land by a tidal wave of surplus organic milk, stemming from the rise of factory farms certified under the USDA organic label.

The campaign builds on Cornucopia’s Organic Dairy Scorecard, used by thousands of consumers monthly to make food shopping decisions that invest in responsible stewardship of environmental and human health. This consumer tool is based on up-to-date research of the organic dairy industry and rates over 160 organic dairy brands and private-label products.

“Authentic organic dairies lack the multimillion-dollar marketing budgets of their industrial competitors,” says Marie Burcham, Cornucopia’s director of domestic policy. “Cornucopia aims to elevate the critical role these dairies play in the marketplace and in our communities.”

The campaign will prioritize exemplary management practices that set top-rated farms apart from other organic dairy farms and provide a more nutritious, value-added product to consumers.

“Your food choices matter,” Burcham says. “If you have the access, buying from our top-rated brands serves as an investment in our collective health, decentralized food production, and the future of the planet while safeguarding the livelihoods of ethical, organic dairies.”

As the specter of food shortages hovers, local farms have been busier than ever and are not hobbled by the complicated supply chains of industrialized food production.

Cornucopia is committed to the preservation and protection of public health; access to clean, nutrient-dense food; and the livelihoods of authentic organic farmers who contribute to the health of their communities, animals, plants, and soil. 

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