Dairy Farmers of America Taps gravity.labs as Lead Agency for Creative, Digital, Social, Media and PR

CHICAGO – Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) hires Chicago-based gravity.labs (GL) to serve as the lead agency spanning from strategy to creative on its licensed Borden® Cheese brand, its premium butter brand, Plugrá®, and upcoming new product launches.

Mihira Rami, Director of Brand Marketing, DFA Dairy Brands, said, “If you look at the industry and what brands, particularly in CPG, need to accelerate growth it really comes down to getting bigger ideas that rise above the noise and getting consumers to take action. We chose gravity.labs because we knew their smaller, senior level team and creativity would bring our visions to life and take business to the next level.” 

Stated Davin Power, President, gravity.labs, “We’re excited to apply our expertise to the brand portfolio of Dairy Farmers of America. We’ve worked hard since our inception to build an innovative offering that really pushes the limits on what clients can expect from an agency.”

Under the new partnership, part of GL’s portfolio responsibilities is to develop and execute two year-long campaigns:

Let There Be Cheese
GL’s “Let There be Cheese” integrated campaign provides tongue-n-cheek solutions to those crazy moments that happen in family life. It lets consumers know they can feel good about making life “cheesier” when using Borden® Cheese for everyday meals and snacks. The campaign includes digital ads, PR, social media, media planning and buying and a website experience. 

Additionally, GL will execute a new product launch toward the end of Q1.

Better Butter Matters
GL developed and will continue to execute the “Better Butter Matters” integrated campaign introducing home chefs to the benefits of using premium butter, Plugrá®, in recipes with key drive periods during Easter and the holidays. The campaign also spans into the brand’s foodservice market, targeting pastry chefs across the U.S., noting that only Plugrá® will do when results must be flawless. The campaign includes digital ads, influencer marketing, website experience, PR, social media and media planning and buying.

Plugrá® is the official butter of the James Beard House and French Pastry School.

Agency 3.0
GL was founded on a new economy Agency 3.0 model. It’s staffed by big agency veterans and global brand experts which allows for fluid, faster and more accurate execution of projects from the onset. This allows clients to have specialists in a myriad of industries collaborating together throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

“It really comes down to getting bigger and better ideas faster and more efficiently. We chose gravity.labs because of their integrated agency model that delivers everything from creative to digital to PR with smaller and more senior teams. To have all services under one roof allows us to simplify our agency roster and streamline the way we work as well,” said Rami.   

“We can’t wait to see their brands and our relationship grow,” added Power.

About gravity.labs
gravity.labs (GL)–a fully-integrated advertising agency for the new economy–is built on an Agency 3.0 model: better creativity, faster and cheaper. GL is the only new-economy agency with a talent-mandate at its core founded and staffed by big agency veterans and global brand experts. As part of the PBD Group of Companies, GL is the only ad agency to deliver united brand experiences that seamlessly connect digital to physical brand worlds. 

About Dairy Farmers of America
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), is a national, farmer-owned dairy cooperative focused on quality, innovation and the future of family dairies. While supporting and serving more than 14,000 family farmers, DFA manufactures a variety of dairy products, including fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy ingredients and more that connect our Cooperative’s family farms with regional brands such as Borden® Cheese, Plugra® Butter and Kemps® to name a few. On a global scale, we work with some of the world’s largest food companies to develop ingredients their customers are craving, while staying committed to social responsibility and ethical farming. For more information visit dfamilk.com.

Borden trademark is used under license.