Dairy Stream Podcast: Center For Dairy Research is Performing Innovative Cheese Studies

In an episode of the Dairy Stream podcast, the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) at the University of Wisconsin – one of the nation’s premier dairy research centers – is highlighted for its integral role in keeping the dairy economy healthy and dairy customers happy.

Dairy Stream host Mike Austin talked with John Lucey, who is the director for the CDR and a professor of food science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, about cheese research, CDR being an important educator, cheese shelf life for exporting, UW’s Babcock Hall remodeling and CDR’s COVID-19 guidance for cheese makers.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin sponsored this episode.

Listen here.

Podcast breakdown:

  •      1:37: COVID-19 has altered CDR’s routine, but they are still researching
  •      2:22: CDR is the largest educator of people who work in the dairy industry
  •      4:37: Research is being done to extend the shelf life of cheese for exporting
  •      10:37: Policies and techniques are important to increase cheese shelf life
  •      14:44: UW’s remodeled Babcock Hall provides research on specialty cheeses and milk powders
  •      19:58: Making certain cheeses or powders would increase exports globally
  •      22:35: CDR is giving guidance on how to navigate COVD-19 challenges
  •      24:19: CDR is a resource for those looking to get into cheese making

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