Dean Foods leaving IDFA over labeling issue

In a sign of the growing conflict between animal-based and plant-based beverages, Dean Foods, a major dairy company, has left the International Dairy Foods Association over IDFA’s unwillingness to oppose the labeling of plant-based beverages as milk, the company said last week.

Dean Foods issued the following statement:

“Dean Foods has been a strong supporter of the International Dairy Foods Association for many years, however we have reached a point where one of our key priorities is no longer shared by the entire IDFA organization. More specifically, as one of the largest dairy processors in the country, we are proud of the role we play in providing one of the most nutritious products in the grocery store — milk — to consumers around the nation. With this in mind, we believe it is wrong that many plant-based products are currently marketed using milk’s good name yet are lacking several of the inherent nutrients of their dairy counterparts. Unfortunately, IDFA has been unable to reach consensus and take a stance on this important issue.

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