Dip Into Cabot ‘Superb’ Bowl Party Favorites

CABOT, Vt., — Brrr … February, the month that was made for
indoor-where-it’s-warm entertaining. Nothing takes the chill off your arriving
guests like bowls of hearty, delicious and warming dips. And when your
easy-to-home-make dips are made with healthy, zesty cheese – especially the
“World’s Best Cheddar” – you’ve got a bowlful of fun, and the start of a “Superb
Bowl” party.

Cabot Creamery, the Vermont-based, farm family-owned dairy cooperative, has lots
of creative and tasty ways to promote healthy food choices and make your party
an entertainment event to remember. What’s more, Cabot Cheddar is not only a
fine, healthy base for all your dips, but will liven up your beer and cheese
tastings, and provide zesty accents to many different soups and entrees.

Just in time for your halftime, overtime or anytime party, Cabot’s chefs have
blended the “World’s Best Cheddar” with fun and exciting recipes that won’t add
to your waistline, but will add the perfect touch to your family-and-friends
event. They’ve also trimmed calories and fat by choosing cheeses like Cabot’s
50% and 75% Reduced Fat Cheddars, giving all of us the best (and tastiest) of
both worlds.

“We all know we should lower fat intake in our diets, and switching to a reduced
fat cheddar does just that,” says Cabot Health and Education Programs Manager
(and winter sports enthusiast) Sara Wing. “Adding Cabot’s Reduced Fat Cheddar to
your party menus is a win-win proposition. It’s a great way to hold the line on
fat intake while giving your taste buds a delicious treat. Cabot’s Reduced Fat
Cheddars melt evenly and smoothly in your dips and are the perfect complement to
recipes ranging from snacks to soups to full-course meals.”

A Superb Bowl party is the perfect time to treat your guests to world-class
cheddar and world-class dips. Recipes like Hot Broccoli-Cabot Cheddar Dip, Black
Bean Chili Dip and Cabot Reduced Fat Chili Con Cheddar Queso will have your
guests asking for more – and more. Try them at your next good-times gathering,
and then take a bow.

For these and other great Cabot party recipes go to:

Score an uncontested touchdown with dips featuring Cabot Cheddar. Whoever wins
the big game, you’ll be a big part of the post game celebration.


Cabot Creamery Cooperative has been in continuous operation in Vermont since
1919, and we make a full line of cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese,
and butter. Best known as makers of “The World’s Best Cheddar,” Cabot is owned
by 1200 dairy farm families located through New England and upstate New York.
For additional information on Cabot Creamery, visit

Source: Cabot