eBay Founder Omidyar's Hawaii Dairy Farms Gets Building Permits For Kauai Project

Hawaii Dairy Farms, a planned dairy on Kauai's South Shore, which is being funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, has received approval for its building permits from the county.

On Tuesday, Kyle Datta, general partner for Honolulu-based Ulupono Initiative, which is funding the nearly 700-cow dairy farm, said that the Hawaii Department of Health has completed its Animal Feeding Operation review, allowing for the approval of building permits from the county.

"This is an important conclusion of the regulatory review, because it demonstrates that we have met the necessary federal, state and county requirements for the design of our farm's AFO," he said in a statement. "By completing this positive review without requirement of an Environmental Assessment, the regulatory agencies have also protected all small-scale animal farmers on private land from the significant financial burden of doing an EA for any planned expansion or new operations. It was the right thing to do for agriculture in Hawaii and we appreciate the regulators' diligence in this decision making process."

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