Evolve Launches First Spoonable Greek Kefir

New York, NY – Evolve, a family owned and operated dairy market-leader of healthy probiotic kefir products, is proud to introduce Evolve Greek Kefir, the first-ever spoonable Greek kefir. Locally made in New York State’s Catskill’s region, Evolve Greek Kefir is available in four natural flavors set to hit store shelves in New York May 2013.

Evolve Kefir is a creamy, low-fat food made from fresh, 1% low-fat cultured milk that is naturally high in probiotics. Made with 12 premium cultures, the new line packs double the protein of regular yogurt and more good-for-you bacteria per serving. The cultures in Evolve Greek Kefir have been clinically shown to help enhance the immune system and reduce the incidence and duration of common cold and flu symptoms. Each 5.3 ounce serving has % daily value calcium, 2% daily value of protein.

Meaning “feel good” in Turkish, kefir was considered a gift from the gods. Evolve Greek Kefir is made naturally with fair trade fruit: Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry and Plain. Smoother than other kefirs, Evolve has a light tanginess and contains more than 100 billion healthy probiotic cultures per serving to boost immunity and digestive health. The recipe is designed to appeal to the entire family, with its mild, creamy taste.

Flavors include:

  • Strawberry – Creamy, low-fat kefir with all-natural, sweet strawberries on the bottom
  • Peach – Creamy, low-fat kefir featuring chunks of real peach on the bottom
  • Blueberry – Creamy, low-fat kefir with sweet and slightly tart blueberries on the bottom
  • Plain – Made with only fresh, cultured, low-fat milk, purists enjoy the traditional kefir yogurt recipe all on its own

Retails for around $1.99. The new Evolve Greek Kefir line will be available at select traditional and natural grocers in the New York metro area beginning May 2013.

“Evolve, our original, low-fat, probiotic kefir smoothie was developed out of a mission to improve nutritious
beverages,” said Cyrus Schwartz, President of Evolve. “We are proud to expand our product line and introduce
Evolve Greek Kefir, the first Greek kefir you can eat with a spoon. This immunity-boosting kefir captures all the
health benefits of traditional kefir, but also possesses a greater nutritional benefit and a smooth, easy-to-enjoy
taste. Kefir is becoming part of the American diet on a regular basis and we look forward to introducing health
conscious consumers to a product that is like yogurt, only evolved.”

Evolve’s Greek Kefir innovations will further revolutionize the dairy case, offering exciting new ways for people to
enjoy kefir, and fostering Evolve’s industry leadership in the kefir category. To learn more about the new flavors, as
well as other Evolve products, follow Evolve at twitter.com/EvolveKefir and find Evolve on Facebook.

About Evolve:

As a fourth generation family owned and operated dairy company based in the New York area, Evolve is committed
to offering innovative, healthy, and great-tasting products. We’ve grown over the years, and so has our product line.
In addition to offering a line of fresh milks, we expanded to include kefir, the centuries-old beverage packed with a
wide array of health benefits from promoting digestive health to reducing cholesterol and even improving immunity.
We’re committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, including the most clinically tested cultures, such
as Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM®, which has been to help promote digestive health and enhance the immune
system. Evolve is on a mission to improve this nutritious beverage, and Evolve Greek Kefir offers our customers the
first kefir in spoonable form. Evolve believes that Spoonable Greek Kefir will be the next evolution of yogurt. Find
Evolve on Facebook.

Source: Evolve