Former Littlefield, TX Denim Mill Now in Operation as Continental Dairy Facilities

LITTLEFIELD, Texas – After the devastating closing of the American Cotton Growers denim mill in 2015, the facility has come back to life producing food ingredients and employing some formerly laid-off workers.

“It’s good to be up and running,” Continental Dairy Facilities Southwest, LLC President and General Manager Steven Cooper said. “Our people are getting trained. We have a good work force here, a lot of people from the Littlefield area. Actually, a lot of people that came from the former denim plant are working for us. They’re still learning a lot of things but it’s running really well and we are moving a lot of product out of the plant. It’s kind of nice to be in operations mode.”

Continental Dairy Facilities Southwest, LLC fired up its new plant in March of 2019. It was soon after the announcement of the closure of the denim mill that another announcement came. That was that a new dairy operation would take over the property.

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